10 days courses
Juanito Orange 11

You will have the opportunity to enjoy more intensely an exciting land while attending classes with an innovative methodology.

All our courses have an innovative curriculum developed and taught by staff belonging to a center accredited by the Instituto Cervantes.

The curriculum has been designed to fit the originality of the CAMINO programs.

The quality / price ratio of these courses make them even more special.


INCLUDES … ALL INCLUSIVE !. ONCE IN SPAIN, STUDENTS ONLY SHOULD WORRY TO STUDY AND ENJOY.  Pick up at Malaga Airport. Accommodation in host families. In some places the accommodation Will be carried out in hotel facilities offering the same services (Any additional product or service consumed in hotels must Be paid by the student)

  • Bed in single room (or shared with another student).
  • Bed linen and towels are included.
  • Bath.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Welcome picnic.
  • Farewell picnic when leaving each one of the localities A load of washing machine per household (this service will not be When staying in hotels).
  • Iron availability.
  • The use of the rest of the rooms of the house will be made according to the Rules specific to each family.
  • Families are selected according to quality criteria and compatibility.
  • Families will spend a daily time chatting with students So that they can practice the language.
  • Guided tours, assistance to local businesses, shows Cultural and diverse leisure activities.
  • Walking route with food included Travel assistance insurance.
  • Teaching material: textbook, folder, pen, folios, backpack, Hat, handkerchief and information material.
  • Transfer to Malaga Airport


  • Once the course has been contracted, the student will perform, from his private area of ​​the web, a level test. The test result along with the correct answers and grammar explanations will be sent to the student quickly via email and to their «private zone».
  • Depending on the level test, the groups will be assigned. The preferences of the students will also be taken into account (for example: registration with a couple, group of friends / family, …).
  • You will also have to answer some self-assessment questions that will help us to configure the groups.
  • The curriculum will be given at the six levels of the Common European Framework (A1 to C2).
  • At the end of the course there will be a questionnaire in which the knowledge acquired by the students in the areas of grammar, history, culture, gastronomy, … will be evaluated. A diploma proving the course will be delivered.


  • Courses will only be held if there are a minimum of 8 students enrolled.
  • If the minimum students are not enrolled CAMINO will inform the enrolled students and refund the amount paid by these students.
  • Students are advised to take out airline ticket cancellation insurance so that they can recover the amount in case the course can not be taken.
  • All students are picked up at Malaga Airport on the start day of the course between 17:00 and 20:00 hours. MEETING POINT: GAMBRINUS Coffee Shop located just outside the arrivals gate
  • The transfer to Malaga (once the course is completed) will take place on the last day of the course at around 12 noon. The arrival at the Airport of Malaga would be around 15:00.
  • You must plan your trip so that it adapts to the dates and times of collection and transfer.

1. RECEPTION, COLLECTION AND TRANSFER TO ROUND The meeting point will be the airport of Malaga From there, students and professors, will leave destination to the locality of Ronda. 

2. CLASS Class in a closed classroom where our teachers, belonging to a center accredited by the Instituto Cervantes, will be able to deepen in the grammar activities that will be combined with the historical and cultural contents of the region of La Mancha. PHOTO

3. CLASS – VISIT LOCAL COMPANY Class that will be given during the visit to a local company. The student will be able to know firsthand the companies most representative of the localities while improving the grammar and the vocabulary.

4. CLASS – GUIDED TOURIST VISIT Through a guided tour of the locality, our teachers will teach a class that connects linguistic, historical and cultural contents. This will allow the student to enjoy the important heritage of these peoples.

5. CLASS – CULTURAL SHOW A cultural show that will help students to learn about other, more playful aspects of Spanish and its broad culture.

6. WALKING ROUTE WITH CLASS AND FOOD Nature is one of the great attractions of this region of Spain. With these hiking routes you can achieve several objectives: enjoy a day in the middle of nature, intensify the relationship with the rest of the students and attend some Spanish classes in an environment and with an incomparable methodology. The food will be served along the hiking trail.

7. FREE TIME Free time in which students will have the opportunity to rest, relax and taste the varied and spectacular gastronomy: the tapas in good company is one of the traditions more rooted in these lands … enjoy it !.

8. TRANSFER TO MALAGA – END Ends ROAD. An exciting experience. After so many emotions, the students are transferred to Malaga airport